Wednesday, 2 April 2008

some older work.

As it's quite far removed from anything I do with Blythe, few of you have seen what I usually do craft-wise apart from the newest things. Generally I draw, with black ink, as you know paint is a newer thing. I like to do mostly abstract type art, partly as it's what I'm best at and can be most creative with. Here are some older drawings -

The above is called Telescope Eyes, based on the song by Eisley.
My favourite artist, Sherri DuPree, also happens to be one of their vocalists.


On Friday my sister and I, along with a group from our church, are off to India for a week. We will be travelling around some and working. I don't know as yet whether I will have a camera there, but I'm sure someone will take photos. I can't risk taking Dahlia but I am bringing Mademoiselle Butterfly, my petite Blythe.
When we get back I will be working harder at making prints available and figuring things out with the art souk here - perhaps in May I will have a table at the bazaar!

Say hello on flickr if you have it - I'm new and it's quite random, but would love to see your photo skills (especially as mine are severely lacking in skill and solely the result of boredom...maybe they make up for it in silliness), especially with Blythe.