Tuesday, 14 July 2009

April Twenty Third

Several months ago my well group leader invited all of her girls to a Ladies' Father-Daughter dinner. It was by far the most extravagent and wonderful event I have ever attended. Elaine did all of the designing, arranging, and cooking, and other familiar faces served as waiters and butlers. It was a delightful evening with our fathers and each other. The food was glorious.

I wish I had photos of the meal - it would astound you. Hopefully I will soon! Elaine is a self-taught master chef with an artist's eye. My favourites were the stacked caprese salad and the creme brulee.
It was a lavish dinner; a gift.
A year of faithful leading and time and driving and loving, and one evening of sacrificial cooking.

p.s. the corsage was from Daddy - my first one :)


natalie said...

Aw- how beautiful! I'm glad you have such a sweet and thoughtful friend. And those photos are gorgeous! Did you take some of them? (Obviously not the ones of yourself! ;)



Jessica Cangiano said...

What an enchanting evening! I adore the gorgeous, almost dreamy feel of those evening photos - and, it must be said, that you look radiantly lovely!

Love & hugs!