Friday, 10 July 2009

Betty Grable

Last night I watched an old 50's movie on television with my grandfather. It was My Blue Heaven, with the fabulous Betty Grable and Dan Dailey. I'd never seen a Betty Grable film and absolutely fell in love with her! She was such a marvelous actress, and astunning beauty with impeccable style and a sultry jazz voice. I wasn't sure quite what to think of the film as a whole, but I loved the parts that celebrated motherhood. I cheered when she fired the nanny!
Are any of you Betty Grable fans? Do you have a favorite photograph of her?



Jessica Cangiano said...

She is so fantastically lovely! Like sophisticated girl-next-door kind of blonde beauty. A fave photo doesn't instantly spring to mind, as I think I've loved every one I've ever seen of her :)

That said, I've always liked the glamour of this photo of her:

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog, sweet dear. I wish you a marvelously wonderful Friday and weekend!

Big hugs,
♥ Jessica

danilouwho said...

I've never seen anything with Betty Grable.... I really need to catch up on older film stars and their movies, as I'm constantly hearing how wonderful they are!

Jen said...

I looove Betty! That's my favorite part of the movie too!

Anonymous said...

She was one of the truly great stars of musical comedy. Ruled the box office polls for ten years straight, a record no other female star has done!