Wednesday, 17 December 2008


This morning I went with my host to about 5 other ladies' houses for breakfast, which they do every morning. There was bread, fruit, dates, and coffee at each house, and of course many elderly women in burkas. It felt like I was in Freej, the Emirati show!

In my spare time I do my own school work!

The mountains are breathtaking, especially at sunset with the clouds.

How are you all doing?




Mandi said...

That breakfast thing sounds very interesting!

Staceydotdot said...

Hey Cait! Where are you?
Now you have lived a day in the life of me!
My husband is Emirati so I do the Freej thing alot!lol!
Its so nice to see behind the scenes. Its not all Mont Blanc pens and Lambourghinis ;)

she loves the radio said...

In dutch we say : fijne kerstdagen or vrolijk kerstfeest! So that's how we say merry christmas in dutch hihi. and do you live in the mountains? hihi because then i think your view is beautiful? with sunset woowiee. x