Saturday, 13 December 2008

tomorrow away

I apologize for my growing absence and lack of artful news and photos. Tomorrow morning I leave for the first week with the children, and tonight is our second night of the church Christmas program.

So, a short post, and a tag from the kind Blue Ring.

- six things that make me happy -

. stimulating, encouraging, and challenging conversations and friendships

. planning a Christmas tea with pink roses.

. the shining sky blue decorations for the Christmas program.

. Josh Groban singing O Holy Night.

. Good Earth tea

. painting for my family.

[photo from unknown source]


ooohmaureen said...

i like your blog (: x

Autumn said...

Don't you just love this busy time of the year?

I love that picture.

the tea drinking english rose said...

i wish i could go to the christmas tea wih pink roses.

you are so special.
thna you for your comment. so sweet of you.
your words make me smilie and cheery.

painting for your family! i wish i had all sorts of non-work mountains to paint for mine.


BlueRing said...

Hello sweetie,

Aw shucks, don't make me bluch. I am so happy to hear or well read your thoughts about my blog, they are so very nice and I am so happy you enjoy my posts.
Yay, you did the tag. Wonderful answers by the way.

Here it doesn't get cold either, so we can share the missing of the cold winter with hot chocolate. Well it sort of does get cold but not enough or as much as I wish it would.

I hope you have a wonderful trip to where ever you and your kiddies are going.

A christmast tea with pink roses sounds delightful and so very pretty.
I adora Josh Groban, though I already told you that on a previous post. hehe

Aw, painting for your family? That is so very sweet.

I hope you have a wonderful week dear and that smiles and happy moments surround you and your family.