Saturday, 27 December 2008

revisiting Blythe

I've been again tagged, by Blue Ring this time, for the random picture - and this is the one it turned out to be. Some of you have already seen it - my Anne of Green Gables according to Blythe entry for the TIB heroes contest earlier in the year. So, in return I tag anyone who has not yet done it! And let me know :)

Has anyone seen this? I highly recommend it.
Wives and Daughters - one of my most exciting Christmas gifts!
In my opinion it rivals even Pride and Prejudice, which is saying a lot for me!

I have lately done a lot of painting (some for Christmas) and so a post about those is forthcoming!
How was your Christmas? Do tell! Ours was quiet and pleasant, with cinnamon rolls, fondu, family, rejoicing and warm weather.

with love,


sammi-lise ^_^ said...

mmm...Christmas was fun, but not the best.
we went off to New York City with 3 other families to just visit, and the three other families all wanted to go on a bus tour. We were on the roof of the bus, with no protection against the cold wind for nearly 3 was torture. But I tried to distract myself by people watching, and boy, were there some stylish people there or what???
i got super excited as we passed all the lovely boutiques and the fashion district, and the fashion street of course...5th avenue is it? yes, i think so.

but the presents i received were lovely, and i am soon to do a post on that...

well, have a wonderful day, and just in case i don't get to say this, happy new year too!

Dream on said...

Thank you! And did you
had a nice and lovely

HeatherCFA said...

"Wives and Daughters" is a wonderful movie! My favorite movie from the time period, probably... Yes, its true, I liked it 'more' than P&P :)

Merry Christmas dear, I hope all is well with you and yours! Oh, and Happy 2009!