Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Last Friday three of my friends (two just home for Christmas) and I went to Global Village for the evening. It's a fun place to walk around, with internationally themed pavilions selling (usually) authentic, unique, or handmade things. Our favorite 'countries' are India (a bounty of cheap earrings), Nepal (lots of brightly colored felted wool and knitted mittens), and Africa (hand carved wood and friendly coffee sellers).
Hannah greeted the coffee seller with 'Praise the Lord!' in Swahili, and he immediately responded 'What church do you go to!?'

Jamaila, as always, made us a few friends, including this tribally dressed performer who would have charged Hannah 10 dhs for a photo if Jamaila hadn't interjected with immovable protest.
This is the Dubai version of a fair, and lasts throughout the 'cooler' months (look at them all bundled up - we are such sillies).