Thursday, 14 January 2010


Maybe I'm still listening to the Libera Me every day.
Maybe it's 3 p.m. and I'm wearing a pencil skirt but still a pajama shirt.
Maybe I finally bought pale turquoise paint for my hallway.
Thankfully, the chorus practice was unintimidating and exciting.
Maybe I was planning to wear red lipstick to church on Friday but chickened out again.
Maybe I'm really behind on thank you notes (even though I love writing them).
Maybe I'm also really behind on emails.
And, quite possibly, I write down every text Joel sends me because I hate how my tiny inbox fills up and has to be deleted.
Maybe, I'm also a very bad blogger. No, definitely, and that doesn't bother me.

And just because my little sister is cute and pictures of girls and cats are beautiful.



Sara said...

Maybe you are just so cute to write them texts..I have texts written down as well :) some may even be 10 years old!

LeAnna said...

This was too cute. I printed out every e-mail my hubby sent me, and saved his texts well after we were married. I love pulling out the e-mails and reading them from time to time. :) Cute picture of your sis and the kitty. Wear the red lipstick, girl. Life is too short not to. ;)

Autumn said...

It is so sweet that you write down Joel's texts! You will treasure those forever.
Red lipstick scares me too...but I have tiny lips, and I think it makes me look...weird.

Love the picture of you sister (Candace, right?) and her cat.


Elena said...

I love it :)

I'm praying for you and all those sweet texts; what a wonderful time to be able to remember :)

erin meagan said...

that thank you note is so pretty! Yesyesyes, i WILL be performing in Chicago! I'm one of the dancers, so I will have featured dance parts, and I'm also Go-To-Hell Kitty! I'm super excited!

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