Friday, 22 January 2010

Sandy Beauty

We spent the afternoon in the desert last Friday after driving half an hour out from Dubai and then twenty minutes off-road. I'm not really the rough-it sort (though we will be desert camping next weekend) but this is beautiful, and one of my favorite parts of living in the middle east. We saw two scorpions this time - not a rare occurrence but the most we've seen at once! They are spotted by the fire, and usually someone catches them in a cup and throws them in before they run around too much. Still, it's unnerving to see the deadly, tiny things scurry past!

These photos don't show my favorite two things about the desert. One is the endless, untouched, rolling dunes you see after driving a few minutes farther out, and the other is the blanket of stars once dark has fallen. The only time you'll ever see more stars is in Khasab when the village power goes out :)