Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Dahlia's Surgery

Here we have before and after - All in all she now has -
- sandmatted face
- new make up
-carved lips
- boggled eyes
- sleep eyes
- new pale blue eyechips with silver backing paper
- new eyelashes

And now the process.

Unscrewing her face plates

Unhooking spring
Cracking faceplate off! which I remember you often have to take the scalp off of SBLs to get the faceplate off. This is so in my case and I begin to cut it.

After some soaking, the faceplate comes off easily
The eyemech was a beast to get out!!
I cut off a 1mm section of plastic to boggle the eyes.
Soaking orange eyechips and the eyelashes
Finally! An eyechip came out...seen while still on the gluestick held by a very relieved Cait.

Sadly while getting the eyemech out (which was the hardest part aside from getting it back in again!) I scratched one of the blue stock chips, which are my favourite. So taking it out... I then sanded it down and put varnish on, like the repair tutorial said, but it still isn't great. I've ordered some new stock blue as they were my absolute favourite.

My 'worktable'
Sand-matting (no more shiny and no more gross stock MM make up!) and lip-carving

Painted lips
Eyeliner, blush, brown eyeshadow, new eyelashes, lips varnished
Adding string for sleep eyes
Cutting out flange and bumps in the dome
Glueing scalp back on!
Finished girl.

The carved lips, which I am extremely proud of - exactly how I'd hoped, pretty and more realistic.
Customising really did help me bond with her more, as people have said. She is so different now that she is almost a completely different doll, but still very much Dahlia Oz Vanderbilt - though perhaps a bit more sophisticated than quirky now.

Finished! She is so beautiful.


TokyoBunnie said...

wow, she looks great!

Tizzalicious said...

Wow, she looks super pretty!

auroura said...

nice, but please don't cut her beautiful hair!

Cait said...

Thanks! And I have decided for now not to cut her hair, while I learn more ways to fix it.

Tlvsn said...

I love her new eyelashes.

Anna said...

Gorgeous, Cait. Dahlia's looking very pretty. :)

willynillywaterlily said...

Omigosh! Dahlia looks amazing! She's been completely transformed! You did great customizing her. My hats off to you for taking the scary step into customizing and having fabulous results!

Cait said...

Thank you! <3 She seems pretty happy with it ;)

Kakakdegil said...
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*emilie* said...

you did a great job, she's adorable !

What is a Krystal? said...

I really admire your dedication to your art- it seems to be taking you places, too! Congrats on meeting a member of Eisley :D

I love you!