Tuesday, 20 May 2008

This is Blythe Heroes Contest

So, my entries are all submitted and voting has started. I am, of course, still trying not to get my hopes up since winning is highly unlikely.

Here they are! You can read the descriptions in an earlier post.

Anne of Green Gables
Blythe for Starbucks
Betsy Ross
(designer and maker of the first American flag)
As you can see I replaced the Giselle-from-Enchanted idea with Betsy Ross. Though Tach's idea was brillant, I executed it poorly and am more proud of this one, especially the wig, heh.
One of the entries I voted for (you can vote for three) was Jane Austen. I am a huge Austen fan and the costume and photo was beautifully done.
Vote for me! =D Here is the flickr group. Voting is done by emailing Gina.

Whoever wins, it was a great topic and dressing Dahlia up was fun anyway. =)



Tizzalicious said...

I love Betsy!

anna said...

like Anne of Green Gables. =D

too bad you didn't do Giselle, but Betsy Ross is good too. :)

Milkberry said...

Good luck Cait!

willynillywaterlily said...

I love all your entries! Anne of Green Gables is my favorite! You did a very good likeness!