Friday, 9 May 2008

Strawberry Girl

Susanna, a girl in my well group, was sewing a dress for her little sister and after telling me about it brought me the fabric remnants. Isn't the fabric adorable? It's a nice, soft but starched type and the print is so nice.
I'm working on more of these -
Newest Joi-Opaque project, based on a photo called Mystery, by Krystal Beveridge.
And so you can see a bit of what life in Dubai is like - this is just off the highway (not out in the real desert!) where we often have picnics and barbeques. And of course take the mandatory jumping-off-the-sand-dune photo. It hit 120 degrees farenheit this week!

What is the weather like where you're at?


Tizzalicious said...

Very cute dress!

The weather here is gorgeous!

willynillywaterlily said...

120 degrees?! Omigosh, I can't imagine that! Here is Hawaii when it gets to be about 93 we think it's unbearable!

I love the photos of everyone jumping in the sand! Such fun!

Staceydotdot said...

Hey Cait!
Nice to "meet" you! :)
Im so glad Im finding real arty people in Dubai.....I was beginning to give up! lol!Cool blog, love the dolls ( I soooo want a Blythe doll)and I love the photo of your Dad the pilot with your doll in the cockpit! hee hee! I used to be a trolly dolly with times.......never had Blythe on a flight though ;P
Do you do the Arte Soukh!? Keep in touch! :)

auroura said...

here in albuquerque it is warm and sunny... nice doll! :)