Sunday, 4 May 2008

TIB Heroes Contest

This is Blythe is having a 'Heroes' contest, as Milkberry and a few others have mentioned before. At first I didn't plan on entering and just joined the flickr group to be able to see the entries, but eventually began having ideas.

I've now submitted two, and completed the third but won't send it in until the deadline (May 15th) in case I think of something even better, and three is the limit.

Well, since you can see the entries on the flickr group anyhow, I may as well tell you my heroes (not necessarily my heroes in real life, I have to admit). I'll post the photos and captions after the contest.

Blythe for Starbucks! Because they're pretty much a hero to any addict, and friendly barristas make the place so atmospheric.
Anne of Green Gables - in real life my hero too, heh, I'm lame I know. She's amazing though!
...and the one I'm not submitting yet (but am very proud of the awesome set up, thanks to the help of my friend Tach) is Giselle, from Enchanted, who provides happily ever after to the newest Disney princess story.

Have any of you entered yet?
I'm trying SO hard not to get my hopes up! But the prize MRB and Saffy are so delicious. Sigh.