Monday, 8 September 2008

a dainty pink miss, and a more haughty one.

Yay! I've finally gotten around to taking photos and can show you all the new
lovelies I've finished.

a very special and elegant sylph (gouache on canvas)

I couldn't get a picture without the shine, but here's a glimpse of my tiny golden heather painting. It was the first time I've done anything non-whimsical and more (slightly) realistic.

And the somewhat arrogant Madame, my first art doll and probably the last, unless polymer is to be had in the UAE. This terracotta just didn't work. I must say I should have altered her waist piece before sewing the clothes on though, as she's somewhat shapeless! I like her funny look and the sparkles though.

What have you been working on lately?



What is a Krystal? said...

Your work strikes me as Victorian- so elegant yet austere in nature :)

You've inspired me to keep a blog, by the by :) It'll work this time, swearzies! :D

One of my dearest friends is moving to Chicago, and so now I have more people than can fit on my hand who live out of state. I really had no choice but to start one.

I love you!

Elizabeth said...

Hey Cait!
I love your work!
It is so inspiring! God has gifted you with such wonderful talent!
Since you asked, I'm working on drawings to create a mural on my wall in my new bedroom! They're simple, but are inspired by different lyrices. I'll post a picture of the work in progress on my blog soon. Take care, my dear friend! Keep using your art to worship God! I love you!