Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Something I just realized about my internet habits: Half of my favourite blogs are fashion blogs, yet mine is not a fashion blog, nor do I have an inherent interest in the subject. Funny...
This is not to say that I do not like clothes, because the opposite is true. Though I am very aware of fashion and current trends, and most definitely love clothes, I have never had any desire to follow those same trends. The most common descriptions by others for my dressing is 'weird,' 'original,' 'eccentric,' or, several years back in my taste, old fashioned. And strangely enough, I consider them all compliments, definitely. The past six months or so I noticed a tendency to the safer side of apparel, and am challenging myself to take risks again - to dress how I would like to dress. Fitting in should not be what's funnest.
I enjoy looking at some of the more bizarre name brand high fashions, because they are so 'out there' that they can reflect my preference a bit more. Also, everything vintage or 'old fashioned' is so timelessly pure, beautiful, and feminine. Not to mention more flattering for my classic size! Hooray for little 50's dresses - I wish I had more.
All that to say that I absolutely love some of the blogs I've stumbled across that are dedicated to fashion, its meaning, and even the breaking of its rules. They are right up there with my still beloved crafting blogs ;)
I really must introduce you all to my favourite blogs, since many of you are in the habit of reading them, like me. They can be such a source of lovely photos and inspiration, even if you don't try to emulate them. I will save that for another post though.

On another note, I have new paints and canvases again so more art will be forthcoming!

Aaand, I won't disclose the secret yet - but either tomorrow or next week, hopefully, there will be something new and interesting in terms of...my face. Yes, that's confusing and it's meant to be for now!

What about you? What is your general browsing category and how does it relate to you?

with love,


Liz said...

Hey Cait!
I also seem to find myself stumbling upon fashion blogs! And I absolutely love the craft blogs you have linked here! One blog that I love to check up on often is Face Hunter. It's man who takes pictures of people who have a strange or eccentric love for fashion. It's great!

What is a Krystal? said...

Thanks for the blog awareness! I enjoy this community more than any other online ones because it's focused on sharing words and life experience, not picture trends and facades.

I'll browse more and get back with you :D