Monday, 29 September 2008

pretty spaces

I stumbled across these beautiful photos on the blog Daydream Lily.

This one is so ethereal, with the window's lighting.

and this is so fun, but in a different way.

I guess the two of them together is slightly like my room, though mine has more background colour and is less minimalist. I'll never be able to be a minimalist!

today we went to a friend's house and a bunch of us watched a film and relaxed. i love their house. every wall is painted (mostly deep oranges and turqoise) and the house is filled with African furniture and wood, since they are from SA. there was a huge collection of large colourful candlesticks on top of a bookshelf. they do a lot of crafting as well, so hopefully we'll get together sometime...also she gave me some advice on the local markets.

do you prefer deep, bright, or pastel colours? I find myself liking a mix of the three. Deep, deep deep...but also bright, and we can't forget pastel pink!


Tizzalicious said...

I'm all for bright colours. I like pastels too, but on other people/in other peoples houses I guess, because I never buy them myself!

thetinylittlegirl said...

love the polaroid wall in the second shot!

i LOVE colour, my flat looks like a rainbow exploded. would love to be a minimalist but i just don't have it in me.

What is a Krystal? said...

deep cold tones, or bright warm ones!

I LOVE these pictures-they're so inspiring :D I can't wait to have my own room!

I'm sure a few of my friends would love those boxes- I'll show mine off once I get it (are you still at the same address? I need to pay you!).

We SHOULD start another project! Watch deviantart the next couple days, I'll be seeing which of your work inspires me! (You should post your crafting stuff on deviantart, too- that stuff also inspires me!)

Keep well, dear Cait! Love!