Wednesday, 1 October 2008

twist of fancy

I thought I'd share a glimpse of my favourite blog, which you may have already come across, because she is marvelous. A fairy, I'm almost quite sure.
A Fanciful Twist.

She takes divinely coloured pictures and paints scenes with words. It's always a treat to see the little efin beings, art dolls, sketches, and other bits of whimsy that she comes up with.
Very tragically typepad is blocked in the u.a.e. for some reason, so I'm rarely able to read or comment on her blog. She's given me some lovely crafting advice by email though.

You can shop for Vanessa's creations on etsy.

Once I finish my school work (while the rest of the middle east is on eid holiday!) this weekend holds Oasis, a sleepover, and perhaps friends and visiting after church. Maybe we can journey to the thrift store on Saturday?Meanwhile I'll keep working on my little crafty pieces. A family of clay mushrooms is drying and waiting to be painted.

Oh, I almost forgot. Vanessa is hosting a little blogling Halloween party affair, and I think I shall join. Next time I can sneakily get past the blockades to her blog, I'll get the banner for it. This just means there will be surprises on Halloween and anyone can join! Take a look at her invitation.

What are you up to this weekend?

love, cait

photos by a fanciful twist.


sammi-lise ^_^ said...

thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!
I like your blog a lot too.
Do you want to trade links?

the tea drinking english rose said...

your comment made me smile so much!
you are so sweet. thank you.

i love those images. reminds me of cut and stick at playschool. when you get to stick loads of flufy things and feathers on paper.
silly thoughts.