Wednesday, 29 October 2008

As the blood runs red down the needle and thread

when each thought is a heart needle,
colours and little squirrels are cheering.

I got an A in one of my counseling response papers! It was a goal of mine for the course; to get just one, since they said to never expect one, stranegly enough. And today we picked up 1,000 of my postcards. Postcards made from my very own drawings! It's so cool to think about. Now I won't get killed at the Christmas market. I've also found cute boxes on sale, which my paints and things will fit in. Decorative storage boxes are incredibly expensive back home in the Middle East.
What's on your mind these days? And what is the weather like where you are?
Really; it's not a mundane question to me.
love, cait
p.s. title credit goes to Death Cab. they put the words in my mouth.


60-60 said...

congrats with the A!
I miss going back to the wood! i should do it when the weather is warmer!

Shelovestheradio said...

ooh i love the autumn pictures! and so cool you are learning dutch on school :) soo maybe sometimens you can send a comment in dutch to me haha :p! and it's soo nice that you travel a lot, i'm jealous, iwant to see also a lot more of the world hihi. xx

willynillywaterlily said...

Oh, what a cute little squirrel. Can you believe I've never seen one in person? There's no squirrels in Hawaii. :(

Congratulations, too, on getting an A!