Sunday, 2 November 2008

capitol Lee

we are now in Florida, but here are a few pictures from Colonial Williamsburg, where we spent a day before leaving Virginia. We also went in the Capitol building, which was really neat because we had the privilege of going on the floor of the House, instead of just the gallery. I also saw statues of two of my heroes; Lee and Jefferson Davis.

Dahlia enjoyed the still beautiful leaves.

we are visiting friends here before heading to Disneyworld for two days and then family in Texas. I am exhausted (stretched thin on people) but it's good. Today I found out two of the people we've known since I was little are artists and that was fun to talk about. Sorry I have no real creative updates! Hope you all are well.
love, cait


60-60 said...

I visited Williamsburg a few years ago, it was beautiful place to go! I wish I could go there again in the nearly future since we are only 3 hours drive to get there! :P Your pictures are very nice, different and unique, love it!

Your gal is so pretty! I have blythe too! :) My fav. are MRB and HH!!!

60-60 said...

I have EP, MRB, DB, BAA, MM, HH and VL is on her way to here! :) I can't wait to see VL in person!! I have just started to change eye chips of my gals, hopefully they will look better, because I really don't like the orange eye chips from original stock!