Wednesday, 12 November 2008

animal kingdom, epcot, the march Hare.

late late late!
Alice, the March Hare, and the Mad Hatter's table in Epcot.
little sister Candace and friends.
Dahlia Oz in the Japan area of Epcot.
I cought a brief glimpse of Snow White (my dream to be as a Disney character!).
By far the highlight of the Animal Kingdom for me was Finding Nemo: the Musical. It was of broadway caliber, about 45 minutes long, and really spectacular and beautiful. The costumes and acting were lovely, and Dori's voice especially was marvelous. The puppets for the fish were hand operated by the actors, who acted and sung as well, by hand switched controlling face, eyes, mouth, and expressions. Coordination to the extreme!

Stacey of StaceyDotDot, scrapbooking and crafting talent tagged me to post seven random or obscure things about myself.

- everyone who knows me in person already knows this, but I play the bagpipes. It is such a fun and exciting and beautiful instrument, though physically exhausting to play.
- my family has lived in Dubai since August 2006 but it is not our first time living outside of the US.
- I was born in Spain.
- drawing is something I have only been interested in for about two years, and painting for a few months.
- I am not a republican
or democrat! I'm a Contitutionalist and believe in morals, the free market, and less government.
- on both sides of my family I am the oldest cousin, yet I cannot drive since you have to be 18 in Dubai and 16 in America!
- I like to wear bright red lipstick.

I tag -
a fairytale unlike any other. a warm and random friend. =]
Liz! Whom I'm not sure would like to have her link posted, but is a dear friend.
Milkberry of Milkberry Musings, sweet, friendly, and fun to read.
She Loves the Radio, my favourite Dutch blogger (along with Tizzalicious =).
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Jasmine, South African young lady from afar!
Krystal - Be What You Mean. Always.

We are home. It is so good to be home. My art fair is on Friday after church, which is making me apprehensive but full of excitement. And now I must away for more tea and preparation!


Staceydotdot said...

Love the photos! Hopefully we will travel to Disney next year with my daughter! woohoo!
Im drinking tea constantly while I prepare for Fridays market!
Dont worry it will be great!I was nervous about my first fair, but meeting people who appreciate your craft is the best thing ever! well apart from when they buy it! :P
See you friday! :)

lonneke said...

aa thanks a lot, also for tagging me :). I will answer the questions as soon as possible on my blog hihi :), and the photos of disney , o my god i love it. In which disney land/world have you been? I'm gonna put you on my list of love-bloggers hihi. x

Tizzalicious said...

aaah, now I REALLY want to go there!

Dream on said...

I love disney world
Last summer I went to
epcot and magic kingdom :D
it was verrrry nice and cute.

Lostariel said...

You look amazingly like Snow White. Honestly, you're gorgeous...

I love Finding Nemo. :)

Flower blossom said...

Thank you for tagging me, Cait.
I will definiteley be writing on my blog 7 random, or obscure things about myself. (Although,it may be quite frightening to read...)

Anyway, I loved the beautiful pictures of Disney land! It's enough to make anyone want to go there!
You took some lovely shots, Cait!

Dream on said...

We went to Magic kingdom and
Epcot :] at Disney world Orlando

willynillywaterlily said...

What great vacation photos! It looks like you and your family had such a great time and made many wonderful memories!

Milkberry said...

Oooo thanks for tagging Cait!
And Disneyworld... is AWESOME!
I wanna go!!
Tokyo Disney is boring...