Thursday, 13 November 2008

the universal thing about a face is each one can express

My friend Chris is a songwriter.

Actually, she's a bagpiper.
First and foremost she consideres herself a pianist.

Whatever she says...she is an amazing musician. We were together in the advancedest class at the Ohio Scottish Arts School this summer.

She writes musicals. She is at Harvard course.

When we left camp she gave me her CD, recorded in her house. It's called 88 Keys and if I could make all of you buy it I would (though I don't know how to buy it; being a gift cause she's nice and we were roommates).

My favourite songs are Five Again, Difference, and Midnight Prayer.
The title of this post is one of the lyrics from Difference.
Her lyrics are really good. One of my favourites is this, from Five Again -
'and if i was five i'd still idolize madeline...and wonder
how she could stand to walk in such straight lines.'

and this, also from Difference.
'and though my face doesn't look like yours; i understand what it says.
the universal thing about a face is...each one can express [its loneliness].'

but her piano playing; my word, like piano rock...crazy banging on the keys going on.

she's hilarious, and talented, and great.


willynillywaterlily said...

What a talented friend you have! Her lyrics are so thoughtful and smart, too.

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Sayo said...

awww, this post makes me smile.