Tuesday, 18 November 2008

cupcakes again

yesterday I was in the mood to make cupcakes. they even turned out beautifully golden.
(ok, who are we kidding...the bottoms are burned. Slightly.)
But the frosting was the most perfect chocolate ever! Loads of cocoa powder.

I just begun my first 'real' scrapbook. I've always thrown my old photos and stickers and tickets and everything together in a book, but never really properly. I do have quite a nice one from my ballet years though. Do any of you know of good (and cheap) sites to order supplies and paper online?

Some of the Christmas gifts I'm making I am very excited about, but won't be able to show you until after Christmas in case they are discovered on my blog! What are you planning to give people? Christmas time is so joyful and beautiful. It can be hard to feel that way in these surroundings, with no snow and in a country that doesn't officially celebrate it. So we have to do more ourselves! In a way, that can make it more special.

hugs, cait


Milkberry said...

yum yummmm chocolateeeee~~

Milkberry said...

i tagged you back! wheee~

Autumn said...

Those look really yummy!
I don't have any Colbie cd's. Yet. But all of the songs I have heard are appropriate, and I really like them all.
The song about best friends falling in love? Is that the one that I have first on my playlist? If, it is caled Lucky. And it is originally done by Jason Mraz. The version I have on my blog is Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Caillat. But don't buy a Jason Mraz cd. I guess that some of his songs are really offensive...which is sad because I love his song I'm yours.

Hope this helps!