Monday, 13 October 2008

yet another embarkation.

We will soon be leaving for America again (October 22nd to November 11th, to be precise). This time a trip of the family variety, with my dad traveling with us and the purpose of visiting cousins on his side that we never see.
We will also be paying a visit to Disneyworld!, which we have never been to! I think I'm more excited than my little siblings. I would so love to get a job as Snow White there someday. One can dream...
This means I should probably take Dahlia Oz, though I had been planning to leave Blythe home, due to the poor girl being packed all over the globe this summer already. What do you think? I'm sure she'd love having her photo taken with Cinderella, or in front of the Disney castle modeled after the original castle she posed by in Germany.

So, when people ask what I'm looking forward to for our cheery fall visit, after of course mentioning seeing family, I say Disney, and new socks!! Because I've just placed my first order from SockDreams, and am currently obsessed with pretty tights and socks with my skirts.

Well, I hope you all have a delightful day. I leave you with this gypsy corner of the mirror above my desk. The feathers are far too tantalizing for the mischievous Sunny, but she will just have to learn.

love, cait


anna said...

Disneyworld! How awesome! (I've never been either; would love to go sometime...)
I wish you guys were stopping by MI, but sounds like you'll have fun. :)

Staceydotdot said...

Lucky you! Ive been to Disney World twice and I love it! Planning to go back in the next few years!
I would also love to be Snowhite....i had a favourite hairband made of red satin with a bow on it which made me feel like Snowhite! My daughter snapped it though :(
Oh and you can now go and have lunch INSIDE the castle! You have to take your Blythe! The pics will be the best!

e.marie said...

I'm a Sock Dreams addict, too--love the socks you have pictured!