Wednesday, 22 October 2008

craving fall - we're off today!

this is an open Autumn tag from Joyfully Home.
Since I'm definitely thinking of fall these days, I decided to do it!

1.) Favorite Smell
... Smoke from fireplaces, the breeze, and pumpkin spices.

2) Favorite Food... Everything with savoury delicious spices, especially containing pumpkin or chocolate.

3.) Favorite color...Red - but that's all year round! Maybe all the lovely dark, earthy, rich tones you see.

4.) Favorite drink... Pumpkin spice lattes, maple sugar lattes, spicy hot chocolate, and always - Wassail!

5.) Favorite Treat... Chocolate pumpkin cake! I really want to make some right now.

6.) Favorite place to visit... America! Real beautiful autumn weather.

7.) Favorite Candy... Chocolate all year round!

8.) Favorite movie to watch... I've never seen real fall movies! I'd probably associate old classics with it though, or something like Babette's feast, which I love. Have you seen it?

9.) Favorite clothing to wear... Tights and skirts! Yay! I can't wait to get my Sock Dreams order.

10.) Favorite Outdoor Activity... Playing tag when it's cold enough for your nose to get chilly. (I have to go with Jasmine's answer there)

11.) Favorite Football Team... I never follow it!

12.) Favorite Fall Holiday... Thanksgiving! We've never really 'done' Hallowe'en, but I like the idea of an All Souls Night.

13.) Favorite Haunted Place (haunted as in frequently visited)... Outside with falling leaves, walking. Or cozy inside with family. Oh, I'm getting excited for America!

14.) Favorite Food at Thanksgiving Dinner... Rolls! Definitely the bread. Also gravy...and green bean casserole with crisp onions.

15.) Favorite Pie... Pumpkin for sure, and chocolate.

16.) Favorite Fall Hobby... Cooking, baking, dancing, walking, being with friends and family, reading!

17.) Favorite Fall Memory... All the times we've had Thanksgiving with family! And we used to go to Cider Mills or apple orchards when we lived in America...and all the bonfires and hayrides. Such fun!

18.) Favorite Fall Sight... Colours, colours, colours. And little rosy cheeked children running around in boots and scarves.

19.) Overall Favorite Fall Thing... The weather, the colours, the family, the inside warmth, the food. Of course.

20.) Favorite Season... In America; fall or spring, and home in Dubai, winter - you can actually go outside without getting too hot!

What are your favourite aspects of Autumn?

love, cait.


Sarah said...

That is an interesting list! I like the sound of lots of those things-particularly the food related items!
Thanks for your nice comment about my other dolls. I have only recently got into doll making although I have loved collecting them for quite some time and have recently become aware of the whole art doll thing which is amazing. I did the Jane Des Rosier gritty arts doll making course which was for clay and cloth dolls.It was good and gave me lots of ideas. Now I am just having a go at the cloth side of it. I spent most of Sunday making a little dress and a lovely grey felt jacket! Such fun.

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

i love the autumn. i used to hate it, but i am really starting to appreciate the cold (global warming! i think it is getting better???), and the beautiful colors on the trees.
and of course, i now have an excuse to wear tights and skirts, scarves and coats, berets and beanies, and elbow length gloves (I NEED THEM!!!).
Oh, and yea, it sucks when a store that you really like is not in your country/state (cough*topshop*cough), or when you cannot afford even a thread from the article of clothing you want.

well, have fun my friend...enjoy the autumn while it lasts!

<3 lise

p.s. we should email each other sometime, it would be easier to communicate without having to comment

p.p.s if you ever come to the US with your family, we can meet up (!), depending on which place you come to.

Milkberry said...

How is autumn in Dubai, Cait? Does it feel slightly different? This year I'm hoping to visit Nikko for autumn experience. They say it's the most beautiful! Can't wait!

Shelovestheradio said...

haha funny list. I love autumn, it feeles fine when it's cold outside , you can sit and relax warm inside. And thanks that you like my blog , i like your blog also !, ooo i hope you do well with learning dutch? :). for school? or just for fun? or..? xxx

the tea drinking english rose said...

wow.. what a cool tag.

i love autumn/fall. so beautiful.
i love jumping in the crunchy leaves.

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

ooo coming to US eh?
well, actually, I don't really want to publicly tell you where i live, since i have security issues. send me an email, so that i can tell you without announcing it to the whole world ^_^

Sarah said...

Yes the class was great-I didn't know any of the techniques I learned. Can't wait to see the results of your clay experiments!

Raspberry Muffins said...

my favourite part of autumn is the coolness of the weather. I bet everyone that sees that spends the whole day thinking about it. maybe i'm going to do that too where ever i see steam or dust i'm going to write L.I.V.E