Saturday, 25 October 2008

red, orange, and green

so we're in America.
and I have new stockings.
i took a walk in the woods behind my uncle's house and found a playground.

a cat stopped for a momentbut the rustling leaves scared him.

this leaf fell right before my eyes and the wind carried it a bit further.

it rained today, but the sun looks lovely through the changing trees.

i hope you all are having a lovely weekend. i'm cold, and miss my paints, and was stressed all day yesterday getting a counseling case study project in, but today we went to a music store and bought some amazing sheet music. les miserables, josh groban, and pride and prejudice.
love, cait


Lostariel said...


I love fall excursions...

the tea drinking english rose said...

oh wow oh wow.
what beautiful photographs. and such comfy and autumn-y coloured tights.
so pretty.
i love the crispy leaves that fall from the trees.

the tea drinking english rose said...

thank you for being so nice.
it's nice to hear that i don't always put across my negativity. as i once a while ago used to alot.

and so cute to the gerbils. i'll forever be a cat person too.

auroura said...

i got new socks too :)