Saturday, 17 January 2009


Crinkly smell of incense

Warm and pungent


Spreads through the house.


Baby’s cries from incensed houses

Fragrance covering lies.

The neighbors bustle, lives of happy fear.

And I lie awake to the sound of cats, shrieking as they fight.


sammi-lise ^_^ said...

it sounds great

erin meagan said...

that poem was fab.

Creaholica said...


Lady in lavender. said...

Beautifull poem.
I could see it...
I like your hair in this picture.

La Fée said...


Rosie Posie said...

your comment was so sweet and lovely to read!!!! thank you ever so ever so much!!!
yes pantomimes are a very very english thing :) they are traditional to go and see at chistmas. it is a play(usual with a few famous english celebrities) with lotsof singing ad dancing and cmedys of well known chldrens stories, and lots of interaction with the audience, so you have to shout out different things at different times, and wave your wands to do magic, and they sometimes throw sweets out into the audience. they are just so much fun, they are wonderful!!!
your ring sounds rather

amazing!!!! how beautiful. i have a bit of an obsession with rings at the moment :)

yes indeed i am all settled now and much happier!!! i will be doing a post very very soon, im just trying to get some images together which is proving to be rather difficult because my camera isnt being the best at the moment.

this post is wonderful!!! the picture is just lovely, and the words are just beautiful!!!
i must say also your scrapbook pages from a few posts back are wonderful!!!

take care