Thursday, 1 January 2009

A New Year

Already New Years Day, how strange that seems right now. Years never seem to be concise; the starts and finishes are never quite proper in my mind and the in between stretches out to be forever, or yesterday.
You grow a lot in a year, hopefully forward. This year God protected my heart, and transformed it, took things out and put things in and moved Himself closer to the center where He belongs.
There were new friends, more challenging and meaningful conversations than ever before, learning from each other.
There was increased family vision, and the pain of seeing our mistakes, looking ahead to the slow process of grace reinventing us.

I found out that people would actually buy my art. I realized that some of my best friends are held captive by the tragic lies of this world's priorities.

I drank a lot of tea.

I spent a lot of money on Starbucks, and a lot of my parents' money on paint.
Giving became a lot more important than receiving.
I became a yankee seccesionist. Hehe. I fell in love with Dutch clouds and Omani stars and incense, and the example of NieNie.

I will graduate and I will stay home to learn and serve and prepare.
God will continue to be faithful and amaze me with his steadfastness.

And hopefully I will continue to blog and get to know all of you.
Much love for this new year,


Simply_Pam said...

I am so addicted to Starbucks and blogging.. they they have a rehab for that ? Happy New year!

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

mmm...jan 1, 2009...hmmm doesn't quite seem like it :)

um, i take an ancient form of indian classical dance called bharatanatyam, it is really beautiful, graceful...and also painful :) but so rewarding...

i have always wanted to learn ballet, but my parents never really showed interest in it, and slowly i lost the urge >.>

but yea, how was your day, the first day of the new year?

do tell :)

love lise

Milkberry said...

I know what you mean about the changing of the year. It does seemed odd isn't it like someone just did a switch-a-roo. You're never really ready even though the middle part was really long enough or short enough to make us feel prepared.

Good luck for this year Cait! Hopefully you'll make more beautiful memories, have more achievements and and aspirations!

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

i've been studying (not really, just attending twice-a-week classes) the dance for a total of around 4 years, but I am way ahead of the average 4 years-of-experience dancer...

um, on new year day, we went to the temple, watched a movie, and went out for dinner...but it was fun

Rosie Posie said...

thank you for your lovely comment, my dear. wnderful it was to read.and oh, scented candles!!!! how i wish my pretend candles could smell so beautiful... oh well, i should be getting a new flat with my boyfriend around summertime, then i will have to cover the whle place with them, and light them , and enjoy the wonderful smells all the time!!! i will enjoy them much more after being parted with them for so long :)

this is a beautifully written blog post, wonderful. i agree with your comment on how the years never seem to start and finish properly. it seems like such an important and meaningful event, nothing ever seems to quite be enough. i always find them a little sad, too, as i am never going to get that year back. i do a lot of writing around new year, too, s all of my wonderful memories are written in the hope that the year will not be forgotten.

i must say also, i was looking at your previous blog post and the gifts you made are wonderful!!!! you are so very talented. your family is indeed very very lucky.

i hope you have a wonderful new year