Saturday, 10 January 2009

A Note of Thanks

- for all of your lovely, sweet comments.
I miss you!

[there was much painting of mushrooms and cupcakes,
and cutting up of paper (the Shakespeare variety) on my day off,
so hopefully I'll have something to show soon]


Milkberry said...

Are you still in Oman, Cait? Hope you're having fun! Can't wait to see what you've come up with!

BlueRing said...

Dear darling Cait,
How have you been? Hopefully you have been having a wonderful time in Oman. The mountains, huh? That is pretty amazing.
Your scrapbooks were darling, and if you had an etsy shop I would try to convince my mother to let me get one of those. Yes, I did realize that it was not about a boy, but it does apply in both situations.
Nope, I have never had a boyfriend either, because I too see it how you do. Unlike many other girls who think having a boyfriend is like having a purse or some earrings, something they always need to have and cannot live without or else they will not look good, but they do not understand the reason as to why one is supposed to get a boyfriend. Reason being to see if he qualifies to marry, and that is why I need not one right now, because I am not of age to marry and surely not mature enough either.
I rather wait for the right guy to come along and get me when I am not even looking for a guy, but only when I am ready.
It is wonderful to know there is someone out there who also believes in God and Jesus as much as I do, some who has a sense of spirituality.

I hope you have a rather darling week, filled with glossy smiles and sparkly moments.
Have an amazing 2009, and a wonderful time on your trip too.