Sunday, 4 January 2009

until I return

Now that Christmas is past, packages have been received and opened and I can share two more special gifts of this year. These were created for two of my dearest friends; Katie and Sara. They are small scrapbooks made from simple photoalbums filled with cards of art, Shakespeare, quotes, passages of Scripture, glitter, lace, and love. Here are a few examples of the pages.

I am off to Oman again for about three weeks.
Leaving my family again is not ideal but I am excited to serve them again, and to see the baby and invest in the little girls' lives. The culture there is so beautiful too and I am thankful to experience it more. I will have limited internet access but will come by when able!

Much love to you all. Tell me how your January goes!!


60-60 said...

nice scrapbooking page! I think i should do some too, i haven't touch my papers for a long long time!

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

lovely scrapbooks...i will let you know soon about the package thing :)

oh, and have loads of fun in Oman!
always wanted to go there :)

<3 lise

Lostariel said...

That's so sweet! :)

erin meagan said...

that scrapbook is just darling! i love the one that says "every time i start to fade He outlines me again"

Mandi said...

all of those little quotes and things look great!

Mandi said...

Oh, and sorry, I forgot about the Hambly question you asked! :) Hambly Studios held a worldwide open call for a design team. I heard about it from a scrapbook message board, but they also posted about it on their blog. So the people who were selected were a few from the U.S., and a few from abroad. The team is listed with the projects they do on the Hambly blog. I think they have a new design team call every July or August. I'm not sure when it was! :)

Milkberry said...

Have fun in Oman, Cait!

BlueRing said...

Darling, how have you been?
So sorry am I to have been away on unable to reply to your pretty little comments you leave me.

Yes, happy day indeed.
So cherry and merry, happy, you seem to always be to me. It is great to hear from you and your little comments that make me smile on and on.

Family is very much underrated but so great, something anyone who does have the joy of having one themselves should be so grateful for, so appreciative about it is the way we should all see it, but sadly it is not the way it is, instead it is the opposite. How sad that is, no?

Well, there is the big dilemma. Action movies are on my top choice, after romance of course. If you did enjoy them, then you might actually like the Bourne movies. But I get were you are coming from, so it is a fair statement.

How wonderul to have a pilot for a father. It must be a great deal of flying that you have experienced, which in my opinion is just amazing. Yes, flying is so great for me, though crashing scares the beejesus outta me. hehe

Those scrapbook pages are simply adorable, which makes me envy the creativity bug you seem to have been biten by. It is just wonderful and prettyful, if that were to be a word.
The one about him outlining you is so cute, something I am sure many girls have felt about their lovely boyfriends. How I wish and yearn for that feeling, of blind love, were everything is so perfect even though it truly isn't, but to you two it is. Gosh, no more 'the Notebook' for me.

Anyhoo...I hope you have a trememdously fabulous time at Omen, I think is were you said you were going, right?

Merry happy 2009, which I do realize is super late but I hope you do have a great 09 and many challenging goals for this new year.

May a lovely week be granted to you.

Oh and the tag was wonderfully accomplished. Thank you for that.=]


Creaholica said...

I can't believe you've made those scrapbooks by yourself. Really nice!

And have fun in Oman. I look forward to read your posts again!

Amelia Clark said...

Wow it's really nice...Excellent work you did. I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post. Keep sharing more.