Sunday, 26 April 2009

Arch-Enemies of TypePad

Some days living in the UAE really feels no different from living in the west. In essence, it isn't - it's completely modern in technology and architecture, high class ex-pats...but the modern philosophy is missing, which gets confusing in communication with third-world service.
(But what am I saying? I'm not in favor of the philosophy of progress or modernism. Maybe this is a contradiction! I digress.)

But. One of the things that bugs me most is when TypePad is blocked. Yes, sometimes the internet provider decides that my favorite blogs aren't appropriate in content (since of course they're picking on me, not the whole of TypePad) and TypePad disappears for a month. If you're lucky. You can get sneaky with reading them, but commenting is out of the question unless you have a really clandestine system, which I'm not into.

So, once again, I'm left without A Fanciful Twist, Dani, The Black Apple, Girl Talk. least there are a myriad of other favourites to visit!
This is why I'm glad the magnificent Kara hasn't made the switch yet. What you may read today you may not read tomorrow. At least in the UAE.

love, Cait
p.s. But we do have red plumerias.


sammi-lise ^_^ said...

thanks for the super sweet comment <3

and i can't believe you actually kept the package...

i am still waiting for my uncle to set up the p.o box :)

but thanks so much for being amazing like that

much love


Sara said...

UGHHH I HATE THIS, thank god we don't have that in Egypt, but when I go visit my dad in Saudi over the summer, it happens to me :(

willynillywaterlily said...

Oh, wow -- I had no idea that Typepad could be blocked like that overseas.

Censorship is awful.

What lovely plumerias you have, though. We have tons of plumerias here in Hawaii, too. At least some things are the same no matter where in the world you go.

Renee Ivory said...

=) Owh, thank you vr much. Your blog is full of vintage feels to me. Wish you have a lovely day. ^^


Creaholica said...

ohhhh that really sucks. didn't knew typepad could be like that.

and i love the plumerias you have. i like flowers, and these are beautiful!


Kara said...

Have you tried adding the typepad blogs through a reader? Like bloglines or googlereader?

Blogs are blocked at school, but I can usually read them through that.