Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Hour of Smiles - 8th-18th April -

The empty Madinat Jumeirah First Group theatre, taken by stage manager Nicola. Many hours were spent sitting in the theatre seating and watching rehearsals or having notes before performances.

Maids galore! Warbucks' household staff.
The below wasn't taken by me, as we were not allowed to photograph the set and show. However, it's of our NBC radio scene, with Bert Healey and the Boylan sisters =)

One of my latest paintings is in honor of Amanda Minihan, amazing actress who came from London to play Miss Hannigan. She played it so naturally, and is an actress through and through - I've never seen someone use a look or one word so completely in character. In real life she's the opposite of Miss Hannigan though! She loved the girls playing the orphans, and they adored her. She was friendly and encouraging and talked to me and the other cast members. Amanda is just lovely all around, so I had this idea awhile back but didn't remember until after the show on Friday night, so I did it that night and gave it to her the next day at the last performance (note - it doesn't look like Amanda, just the character! She's pretty as well as awesome).

with love,


Autumn said...

It looks like so much fun! I love the maid's outfits.

Your picture is lovely.

efi said...

oh one cannon but love ur drawings! ! im amazed because on the one hand i can't even draw a flower and on the other hand ur perfect! !