Tuesday, 28 April 2009

This is Coriander, and she thinks life is about giving.
Not just flowers, (that too) but time, and love, and joy, and self.

(but she isn't very patient with her seamstress, who embroidered
very clumsy flowers on the front of her dress.)



Sprinkle said...

This is adorable, I love it!

But I adore your last few posts, sorry I've been a horrible commenter... <3 I love your Annie thoughts, your latest paintings... I adore it all. xoxo

Sara said...

I tagged you :D
I had left a comment before but I can't find it..

Renee Ivory said...

I'm doing fine. Thank you =)

It's quite a good idea to revamp it. =) More vintage decor perhaps? I heart your little story here. Hope to see more inspiration from you. Keep it up! ^^


Kara said...

<3 her.

Lostariel said...

Aw. :)