Sunday, 19 April 2009

Boylan No More

I have so much to share and process from Annie. To begin with though, it was amazing, and it's depressing to miss everyone and know I'm not performing every night this week! But with 15 shows wonderfully completed, I know this was a marvelous (though at times difficult and emotional) experience, but not what my life is about or will be spent on. However, I'd do it again for sure ;) Their next two musicals I'm skipping out on (HSM2 and Fame), but will help at the auditions.
When the last curtain went down it was hard to keep tears back and many didn't! The good byes with my Boylan sisters and the leads who flew in from the West End were the saddest!

I have an Annie-related project to share soon, and photos, but the above is just a thing I made to fill a frame I wanted to replace. Any fans of frame walls?

much love,


erin meagan said...

I wish I could draw! I love frame walls, too! Ends of musicals are always so emotional. I'm glad you had a good time, and it sounds like it was such a great experience!

michele said...

I don't see that you have a followers section, so just wanted to leave a comment to say I love your photos and the name of your blor. Sparkles always make life better, don't they?

Mandi said...

Oh I'm a huge fan. :)larin