Wednesday, 6 May 2009

All my life I've been in school. There was a period of looking at the bookshelf as a toddler in Jordan and wishing I could read, and pretty soon I'd read them all. There was Little Stars in Amman, and the peaceful cliff-side kindergarten, and first grade in Arabic...and all the while homeschooling each evening (which consisted of falling asleep while coloring for my tow-headed little sister).
And now, in four weeks I'll be a homeschool graduate, going into something I've never been in before. Not in school. How strange! What makes it surreal is that I've never woken up and not been doing school at home unless it was summer, and then autumn is always fast approaching.

This time, I will be done. One Thursday I'll close my book and not need to open it again. And I'm excited! Who wouldn't be? But by no means is this the end of education. The end of schooling is not the end of education (and often schooling doesn't mean education...which thankfully is not the case in the Fox Family Academy). Rather, in my case it will be the beginning of a more specified education, facilitated by my mother in budgeting, meal planning, and homeschooling on the other end. There is wisdom to glean from older women, and little children to help with and love and learn to enjoy. My siblings to spend time with. An autistic boy down the road to take for walks. Skills to be a steward of, an art business to get off the ground.

So no, I'm not going back to America for university. This time will be used as preparation for what I want my life to be about - being a helpmeet and raising children of multi-generational vision for God's glory in my own beautiful home someday! That's why I'm not studying for a career, as I want even my in-between years to work to that end, and to serve and learn from others. So it's really just a new chapter in preparation, as well as the beginning of a different aspect of being a young woman in my father's house.

Next year will bring many stories to tell you - but believe me, it will be very busy!


Tizzalicious said...

Your plans are so admirable!

And yay for almost finishing!

Sara said...

Looking forward to read all about it =)

Sara said...

Congratulations! You see, SARA (comment above mine) and I have gone through high school together, she was my best friend then(I though I owe it to people that they know! I love her!)
OK, I hope you are excited about graduating. I hope you keep the dear friends, and that life doesn't drift you apart. I hope you study what you have a passion for and not what would, later on, bring you the most money/glitzy career.
PS I hope that wasn't too emotional!