Monday, 18 May 2009


Finally you get to see what I was working on for so long! Over a year ago I found an old, Indian rod puppet (decorated very grotesquely - no, I should say traditionally, in a dark sense) at the thrift store for one dirham. For ages it lay in the closet, and I decided a few months ago to begin painting it. That took awhile, and then the making and embroidering of her clothes, but here is the finished madame in all her regale.

There is a butterfly lower down on her skirt but that can't be seen in the pictures. I love this kind of puppet, with the rod-controlled head and hands. It reminds me of an old, Mikhail Baryshnikov version of The Nutcracker we have.

Love, Cait



I hadn't heard that song, but! I searched for it and I enjoyed! thanks for the recommendation. :)


Pansieberry said...

very beautiful!

Autumn said...

You did an excellent job.
Dirham...would you please explain how much this would be in American money? =) Thanks.

Lostariel said...


Beauty and Beast is being put on by my city, it's a local thing. I can't wait to try out. :)