Sunday, 31 May 2009


yesterday was my graduation open house, which was a wonderful encouragement. The amount of people who came and their generous gifts was an overwhelming surprise. We shared a little bit about what I will be doing in this season to come, and though I am a terrible speaker, was glad of the opportunity we had to talk of our vision. There were some there hostile to our ideas, but they were gracious, and there were also those who gave needed encouragement, reminders, and exhortation.

We are so thankful for this varied and colourful community.

[above, my new favourite rose pink blouse]


Sara said...

I am so happy for you! And I love the blouse

Annaka said...

Beautiful blouse! I bought three long blouses of that similar style in Spain and every time I wear them, I think of you.

Athena. said...

You have the most gorgeous blog,
adore the blouse!
Have the loveliest day,

Sara said...

thank you :)
I hope you are not very overwhelmed (in the bad sense) by graduation!


wow it's great! really happy for you!

p.s. your Roses are ready! :p take a look at blog!