Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Creating Beauty

'As image-bearer of God, man possesses the possibility both
to create something beautiful, and to delight in it.
The world of poetic ideas can have no source other than God;
and it is our privilege as bearers of His image to have a perception of this beautiful world, artistically to reproduce, and humanly to enjoy it.'
- Abraham Kuyper

I love this quote. I read it when I was thinking about my art, and how it's not always realistic and sometimes is very weird, and yet I hate modern art - and think in some senses it's wrong. When I make something, even if it's not imitating life, it has to be beautiful. There are some things that are just beautiful, even if it is only colors. I could contest that beauty doesn't always equal art though, perhaps. But if beauty is good in itself, things don't always have to have great form or meaning or technique. And that's a wonderful thought. You can make so many different kinds of art or pretty things, even ragged, embroidered flowers, but it's ok for not all beauty and not all art to be 'fine art.' Still, I have the highest respect only for that - and art is not subjective.

love, cait


Annaka said...

Those are beautiful!

Staceydotdot said...

Im in love with those flowers!

They would make AMAZING headbands!

A "cheery" disposition said...

so very, very, pretty!