Sunday, 17 May 2009

Dahlia hasn't made an appearance here for quite some time!
She recently got another little touch up - some new eyelashes and pinker lips.
I was considering cutting and curling her hair but can't decide. Maybe I will if I get another Blythe! I'd like to save enough to buy one in Japan this September but there are other things that take priority right now.

My art fair is next Saturday, and I haven't been as madly preparing as you'd think.
I've been finishing one big painting, but apart from that focusing on other things (like my flower embroidery obsession). Maybe this week will change that.

How are you all?

love, Cait


Staceydotdot said...

I simply love that photo of Blythe! The contrast of the pink orange and green is superb! Dont cut her hair at the moment! She looks too cool right now with her bangs!;)
What craft show are you doing? Expatwoman?
I have an etsy shop but its empty because of the shipping and the currency exchange! Shipping is ridiculous! People wont pay it!Im so busy locally though so its all good!
you should start a facebook group for your stuff! Thats how I get most of my sales :)
I love Hambly, Sassafrass and Love Elsie papers.Normally I pay around $20 shipping on most papers though every time I order. It makes for very expensive paper!But I love it!

Tizzalicious said...

She's looking pretty!