Thursday, 18 March 2010

hundreds of squares

I did work on the quilt quite a bit this week, and have done all that is possible before more memorable fabric crosses my path :) I can recognize each little square in this, from something I or my grandmother made, vintage and antique fabric from her house, or gifts. But because it isn't made with just any fabric and because the squares are so small, it will take forever to finish! The sight of the brightly mismatched rows haphazardly stitched and pressed together is worth it.

I love this photo below - the perfectly pressed underside of the small-squared quilt on top of the larger one. Here you can see how small the squares really are! With seams they are an inch wide; a tiny mosaic.

Do you have a special quilt that has been passed down, or made by someone you know?

P.S. Joel took me to see Alice in Wonderland yesterday! I loved it (but mostly being with him).

P.P.S. Thank you for your lovely comments lately! (Just to clarify, I don't make my own stationery - just the travel case! Stationery making does sound fun though - we should all try it :) I'm thrilled that some of this is giving you ideas though - that's exactly why I share because I've gotten so many project ideas from other blogs!


Sara said...

awww you saw Alice together <3

the quilts are amazing! I don't think I have anything of the sort. except for my grandmother's engagement dress which I am yet to wear.

LocaChica said...

They are beautiful!!

Annaka said...

I have one quilt from my grandmother and two from a great uncle and auntie. I love them all.

I also have one that I started, but then lost the motivation to finish. It has little squares like your too. : )

Anonymous said...

Very perky colors!!! Would you mind if I kept an eye out for fabrics that I thought you would like?


amelia said...

my grandma made me a big beautiful quilt that i still sleep under at night. i love quilts so much, and yours is beautiful! i can't wait to see the finished product!

i'm amelia, by the way. i don't remember if i've commented here before, but i've been reading for a while, and i love your blog.

LeAnna said...

That's going to be amazing when you finish! I'm glad you put it next to the bigger squares, because I was not seeing them as THAT small! Wow! I love quilts like that, ones that are made with pieces of family history. My Grandpa has made me half a dozen quilts (including some I had as a baby) and I love each of them. They're infinitely quirky and have no rhyme or reason. Lots of crazy fabrics.
I'm currently cutting Hubby's old jeans into 7 inch squares for a jean quilt. I'm trying to find another fabric to alternate it with, but need something heavy to withstand being stitched next to the denim. Still looking at the thrift stores and such. I'll probably make a twin sized quilt for Q's bed one day.
And awwwwww is right! Movie dates with your man are the sweetest! ;)

LeAnna said...
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