Wednesday, 10 March 2010


This dear journal was scribbled up to the last page, and a new one had to be found. I wanted another spiral bound (so it could be folded back), preferably without lines. I came across a Kraft notebook, in Hyper Panda of all places (our local supermarket - is that a creative name or what?). The cover looks like a brown paper bag so I won't even have to decorate it much. Not only was it Kraft, but it is natural recycled paper, and it is graph paper.

Did you hear that? Natural graph paper ladies. I am such a nerd when it comes to pretty paper! Unfortunately, my favorite pens bleed through said natural brownish paper, so I'll have to figure something out. The cover has finally been fixed up with part of my favorite sonnet set ever (The Soldier, by Rupert Brooke) typed out in Dymo tape, and a little birdcage sticker from Joel, because I love birdcages and wanted to put it where I'd see it often. The last line of the verse especially is my favorite.

p.s. I've been quilting and crafting a bunch in the past week, so artsy posts are returning! My goal is to work on the quilts every day this week.


Sara said...

I miss hyper panda lol!
Love it!

LeAnna said...

Cute! I Love natural paper. We have a paper shoppe somewhere in the city, and I need to get by there. I'm a sucker for stationary!

erin meagan said...

you are so creative! i love it so much.

Kelsey said...

Hey Cait! I don't think I ever told you that one of your journals (the one with lots of scraps of things) really inspired me and I got myself an "inspiration journal" of my own! I love to look through it and see all these beautiful or clever truly does inspire me.
So thanks for the idea!!

Love the birdcage sweet that your "beau" gives you little thoughtful things like that. :)