Friday, 5 March 2010

in the morning

Monday night we received calls and warnings about having the biggest and worst storm Dubai has ever had. We were a bit dubious but moved things up off the floor downstairs in case of flooding (Dubai roads are hardly built to handle rain) and put rags on the windowsills. Almost needless to say it was not that bad, but that doesn't mean some of us still weren't awake all night watching the construction crane across the street slowly swing back and forth toward the compound, its sign rocking wildly, or hearing the trees crash against the ladder going up to our roof, and having nightmares about what could happen. But really, it was a very typical Dubai annual thunderstorm.
(and thank goodness, not worth losing sleep over - not that we could help it)

But there are lots of happy things around the house - coffee, packaging, birthdays, wrapping, cake, pretty paper, always rejoicing.


LeAnna said...

Glad to hear it was not a horrible storm! Seems like the entire world is getting hit with crazy weather in some form or another.

Sara said...

omg! Thankfully, the sun is back again here!

Anonymous said...

Who's birthday?!! I love the style of your writing... it makes me feel as though I'm there! One day.... :)