Thursday, 18 March 2010

write you a letter

I've been meaning to make a stationery case for a long time (it's been on my list ever since seeing them on etsy and thinking 'no way am I paying that, I could make it!'), and finally sat down to business. It was a one-evening project, with a rough sketch and no pattern. It's imperfect but I love all the fabrics and it will work beautifully for traveling. Much better than envelopes and papers getting lost and bent in suitcase pockets!
Some of the fabrics were a gift from Katie, and one is from Joel and one from his mom. I love them all; the purples and warm florals. There is a main pocket for stationery, with a smaller for envelopes. On the other side there are spaces for pens and another little pocket. It fastens with a snap and there is a bit of cardboard sewn into the back cover for stiffness and a possible writing surface. We're traveling to Lebanon next week to visit friends, so this will get some use =)


LocaChica said...

Too pretty!!!! I wish I were that artistic!! I buy storebought stationary paper, because I don't have the creativity or the patience to make my own..especially not as adorable as yours!!

Sara said...

I love the mix of patterns! I love it, honestly! Have a great weekend, beautiful!

PS I wish I could make one for myself.

DreamerLis said...

LOVE this idea Cait!! :)
Inspires me to try and make one although the fabric is truly beautiful on the one youve created :)