Saturday, 29 August 2009

Lovely Package: Sent Edition

This is the contents of the lovely package I sent, which is now on its way to Germany. Later I'll share the wrapping, which was the funnest part! I had so much fun picking things out - local Leavenworth soap in Washington, a purse made from an old sari, bought in Pike Place, Seattle, Dubai art postcards, handmade art journal, embroidery, handmade Leavenworth candle, tea, a scarf, and plenty of flowers. My partner likes color, paper, candles, and fabric, so I hope she enjoys the package! It reminded me why I don't send many packages though - postage from Dubai; oh my goodness!

And a rare silly picture - I love cat eye glasses!


Jennifer said...

So sweet what a lovely treat to receive in the mail!

LeAnna said...

Cute! My hubby and I went to Seattle on our honeymoon. LOVED IT. Pikes Place was a favorite, we went several times during our stay there.

Sara said...

Awww gorgeous package! And I love your nose ring...oh how much I want one..

Jessica Cangiano said...

Such a sweet, generous, lovely package of goodies and treats!

You look awesome, I knew the cat eye glasses you mentioned would be fabulous on you! :)

Have a beautiful Sunday and week ahead, dear Cait!

♥ Jessica