Thursday, 6 August 2009


Pictures finally =) I'm loving learning about my camera and it's so fun to take better photos of beautiful people and memories and mountains. This is my stunning cousin Jessie and I, and below is my cousin Kevin and Uncle Tim riding on the runnerboard when four-wheeling up the mountains.
railroad tracks from the old west.

cousins John and Jessie ;)
from the top of 9-mi mountain after a morning hike with Jessie.

cousins Jessie and Zach.
and Leavenworth, Washington - the Enzian owner playing the alpine horn at breakfast.
I hope you enjoyed this peek into our reunions!



natalie said...

Nice pics of you and your family! And the scenery is just gorgeous....



Sara said...

I enjoyed this post, a lot!

LeAnna said...

Wow, the scenery is just beautiful!