Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Yes we should.

The news stations of America have always been prone to the shocking, and seem to rely on trivial interest and political correctness to attract attention. That is 'normal,' and after a summer at my grandparents', where the TV is generally on for a ball game, I was used to the often morose tidbits on CNN (is it just me who thinks the news is depressing?).
We were in for a surprise, however, when waiting at the SeaTac airport for our flight to San Francisco, connecting to Dubai. Doing a poll, the newscaster gave viewers a number every ten minutes or so, to text in their opinions on a vastly important issue ("Vastly important issue" is a little of irony - it is important, far more important than they probably consider it, and yet the approach was flippant). The issue was that of population control; namely, "Should we stop having kids?" The majority of responses said yes, and such was the obvious bias and agenda of the station.
As someone who does not believe in global warming, overpopulation, or population control (plain rubbish!), this could not fail to incite a response (and in fact we did text in later; I couldn't help myself!)!

Fine print - I'm not afraid to offend people (their political correctness offends me, however; not in its differing opinion - I like diversity - but in its devastating consequences), nor do I apologize for my convictions, but I would like to say that I know some of my readers have enormously different ideas, opinions, standards, leanings, etc, and that's fine. I can believe something is wrong without hating the person with the opinion, so please do the same :)

This is sobering - tragic deceit. Exhorting people on a public news channel to not have kids! Nations like Japan, who once encouraged their citizens to likewise cut down on childbearing (or increase abortions), are now feeling the pain of a shrinking younger population, and have to push in the opposite direction. We will pay when we do not consider the greatest blessing as the reward it is. America is increasingly statist, and it may not be long until homeschooling is banned, discipline is illegal, and yes, there is even a child limit. Far fetched? I don't think so - unless we fight against it with truth and example.

Well, thank you for reading :) It's good to write about something other than crafting every now and then, yes? These are the principles I live by and for, so it's vital to think, and share too!

lots of love,


Sara said...

I could sense your passion through this post :)
It angers me, especially when they do that in developed country,I can understand, in third world countries when they try to promote birth control, because the child will grow to not be a happy one...then again, I believe that God, in a way or another, finds ways to make a child lead a fulfilling life. I think it all depends on how we define fulfilling...really..

Sorry for the essay of a comment :)oh and thank you for sharing that link!

bananabint said...

Thanks, Cait, for sharing this! I tend to agree with you on the things you mentioned, and it really confuses and even scares me when I see people doing and believing and teaching things that I don't agree with, and I don't think that GOD agrees with.

So yeah, thanks for sharing this!

LeAnna said...

I haven't been by here in several weeks since I went on a bloggin' break, and I've missed a lot. Thank you for posting this! As a new Mother I am absolutely amazed at the way our nation is going in regards to children. As a future homsechooling mother, I'm even more so amazed at the push on the public education system, especially when out of one mouth you're hearing less children is better! Such a sad, sad state of affairs. The sanctity of life is one we cannot and should not let slip away. Again, thanks for posting this. I love it when the conservative hearts speak out on such important matters!!