Saturday, 22 August 2009

You Are Brave

Do you remember when a long time ago I told you about Nie Nie? She is healing, and she is still wonderful. She unashamedly showed her new face since the accident and burns, that was a year ago this month. She was stunning and she is beautiful. She was and is a good mother and enamored wife. She is a creator, with an eye for beauty and art and love - joy and happiness. I am proud of her, along with the whole world. This is an email I wrote to her.

You are brave. You still have the smiling cheeks and sparkling eyes that I think are beautiful. Your motherhood and wifehood inspire and encourage me, as a young girl who thinks there is nothing better. Thank you for living and loving and sharing, and still writing and being selfless. In a sense your writing about yourself is the most selfless thing you can do and it is wonderful and helps other people.
Thinking about you makes me cry, but it also makes me smile and have hope. For your family and for myself, and the future and all of the things that will get better and for all the bad things that joy can still be found in.
Thank you. Lots of love and I wish I could meet and hug you!!!


Sprinkle M. said...

What an amazing email. I bet she loved reading it.
PS-Thank you for your back to school wishes! Haha, yes, I survived being 14! :) Yayy! School is going great so far.

Sprinkle M. said...

PS-I love the new layout!
PPS-I also really admire you for sharing your opinions a few posts back. Alot! I agree with everything you were saying there, although I know that sometimes our political views are different :}
But I agree, I think its necessary to not hate people for their political views--for instance, I absolutely adore you, but we have just a few disagreements in politics. So do ALL of my friends! :) Diversity in opinion makes for a good relationship.

Jessica Cangiano said...

You have such a profound way with words, sweet Cait. I am sure she will be deeply touched by your beautiful, meaningful letter.

Many hugs, caring dear!
♥ Jessica

Sara said...

She amazes me with the amount of will and strength she has. It must have been a very emotional experience, the anniversary, I pray for her as much as I can!

Jennifer said...

First time to your blog and I loved reading it:) Keep up the great work!!
Love&God's blessings


smiles, drops of tear, some deep breaths and a heart full of life!

She's amazing.