Saturday, 1 August 2009


I turned eighteen.
As usual, nothing feels different, though I know that time and age in itself doesn't change anything. Still I have changed so much in the past year and am very thankful - it has been probably the best year of my life thus far. Even though a number doesn't mean much, I intend to learn and grow a lot in the coming year and am very excited.

I love these gorgeous earrings, which just came from Tizzalicious, a lovely crafter and blog friend.

p.s. big news for me! I got a camera for my graduation and after much ado bought the Canon XS, a digital SLR. I am very excited have much to learn so forgive my imperfect photos! We just returned from several amazing family reunions and I have been doing a lot of crafting, so expect more pictures soon.


Annaka said...

Happy birthday!

Your camera looks like it will provide you with hours of fun and priceless photos. I hope your 19th year is a blessed one!

erin meagan said...

those earrings are adorable(and that camera is fantastic!) and i loooove your cheeks in that second picture. simply darling!

Tizzalicious said...

Happy birthday!!

I am glad the earrings arived safely and that you love them!

and squeeee, how jealous of your camera am I!

Sara said...


I hope you've had a great day and that this year is remarkable! <3

Jessica Cangiano said...

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday, dear Cait,
happy birthday to you!!!!

Oh sweet dear, I am so joyful for you! 18 is an amazing age, treasure each day and know that I'm wishing you a year (and a lifetime) of great happiness, incredibly memories and all sorts of fabulous new adventures.

Love & tons of hugs!
♥ Jessica

Soné said...

hey i love your comment on my page thanks!
also that picture of 18 on your fingers is sooo cute!

thanks for visiting my page!