Sunday, 16 May 2010

finally blue

Months ago now, just before going to Lebanon, we painted my room's little hallway a dusty turquoise. It had been intended for over a year, and I bought the paint around Christmastime! I absolutely love the color, and it makes the hallway so much more interesting. (I'm getting very excited about having our own little home to arrange and decorate and make welcoming!)
It's feeling like there is so much to do and not nearly enough time to go around. I'm not panicking, just really wish I could do more. What are your best time-using and saving habits and priorities?



Miss E. said...

Make a list of what you have to do, pray, get it done, and lastly, relax and enjoy your work.

LeAnna said...

Beautiful color, I love it! I second the list the making (which we know you are good at!) and also, determining priorities. Be sure to address time sensitive things first, and enlist the help of everyone possible! Things will get done. :)

LG said...

Hey! I finally managed to stumble across you. It's been forever since we've last spoken. How are you doing?

BTW, I like the color. It's very nice. Hope to hear from you sometime!


Miss E. said...

I am getting married on the 24th, next Monday. It is going to be small and I am going to have to download a picture of the dress I found. I love it! Thank you for the kind words, ma dear :)

Elena said...

Oh Cait! I can't wait till you have your own sweet home; it's going to be lovely.

I heartily second the list making and addressing the time sensitive things first. I've been doing that myself with studying for exams and it does make my time much less stressful because I know that there really is a time for everything.

Love you!