Monday, 3 May 2010

Some things with wedding planning just can't be like you would do it in America. For example, the gift registry - all the stores that are both here and in the US have very little variety or no online store. You can do the fancy ex-pat thing and get a service to compile a registry for you from all the stores in Dubai, but then you're paying 1500 dirhams for their work (that's almost $500).

Then there are flowers. They just aren't as good here, because few can be grown locally and bringing them in is very expensive. And fresh, delicate, springy flowers like anemones...forget it! So I'll likely use silk flowers. That way I can get all the perfect flowers (including usually expensive ones like peonies) in the perfect colors, arrange them myself and get them done stress-free, long before the week of the wedding. (Fresh sounds much nicer to me too, but the look is more important than the natural sentiment, and there are some things we have to deal with living here!) I'm excited at the prospect of arranging the bouquets myself this way, too.

What is or was your dream bouquet?
Do silk plants offend your organic sensitivity?

Even if there are extra decisions to make and frustrations with working things out in the UAE, I am so happy to be thinking about a wedding that it's all wonderful. Every opportunity for panic is met with Wedding=marriage to Joel and I can't believe it. Planning is something I've always looked forward to anyway, so all of the little details should be considered a joy. And they are.

[ranunculus collage from Emilie Duncan]


Tracy said...

I think silk will be just fine. No sense in fretting over what you can't get anyway, and I know you'll enjoy arranging them yourself.

I don't think you have mentioned Joel's occupation. I'm assuming you'll be living in the UAE at least for a while since he is there now??

Lizzie said...

Fresh would always be a preference for me, but silk is hassle-free.
Have you set a date for the wedding yet?
I'm still in unbelief that you are getting married, but I'm so very happy for you! :)

LeAnna said...

I had a combination of both at my wedding. Where we are it is very hard to find good quality fresh flowers without paying an arm and a leg. Unless you want roses, or something. I had calla lilies, and only a few! I see nothing wrong with silk, and one of my best friends that got married in December had them for hers. It was beautiful! With your skillful hand, you'll make anything look stunning, I just know it! So excited!

Elena said...

Silk flowers are so easy! No need to worry about people crushing them or wilting, and you can arrange them far ahead of the date--one less thing to do! I know what you choose will be beautiful :)
Love you!

Tracy said...

Thanks for answering, Cait. I'm very excited to follow along as you prepare for your new life together!

Anonymous said...

Oh soo happy for you as you plan this lovely glorious occasion. Silk will be lovely - they have come a LONG way in the past few years- you'll find a wide assortment I'm sure! Praying for the two of you!


Ann Flower said...

I just recently discovered your blog and am so glad I did. What a sweet post!

Sara said...

I wish I could be there!!! I'd come if I can you know that? set the date and let me know :D hehe

Anonymous said...

I used silk flowers for bouquets and bout's... they turned out beautifully! You can see some of them on my blog in my wedding photos sneak peak.

Found you at "Joyfully at Home", in the comments section. Congrats on your upcoming marriage!

sanjeet said...

you can't get anyway, and I know you'll enjoy arranging them yourself.
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