Saturday, 29 May 2010

Here are some major inspiration pictures for our wedding. (Looking at them may or may not help you picture it; I'm being a tiny bit sneaky - these photos are still important though!)

love, Cait

p.s. listen to this lovely tragic celtic ballad, with Kate Rusby's gorgeous accent.

He's ridden o'er yon high, high hill,
and down yon dowey den,
And the rushin' in of the Clyde water
would fear five hundred men.
"Oh, roaring Clyde, you roar so loud.
Your streams are wondrous strong,
Make me a wreck as I come back,
but spare me as I'm gone."


Mostly Graysie said...

When is your wedding going to be?

Sara said...


Elena said...

I love the calligraphy font! These pictures give me an idea of what your sweet wedding will be like--I love it.

sanjeet said...

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